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Savon Noir soap and Traditional Marseille soap with olive oil

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Home > Savon Noir liquid soap uses> Savon Noir liquid soap uses for cars and motorcycles

Savon Noir liquid soap uses> Savon Noir liquid soap uses for cars and motorcycles


Savon Noir liquid soap for cars and motorcycles

Passion for some, a chore for others, Washing your car, motorcycle and other motorized vehicles has a meaning that varies from person to person.

Based on personal experience, Le Savonnier Marseillais liquid multi-purpose soft soap has managed the incredible feat of cleaning everything that surrounds our planet.

  • The Enthusiasts, who desire a passionate admiration for their glowing, spotless frame and interior, therefore spend freely in a cleaning product in their quest for the ultimate.
  • The Resister, where the car wash is anything but a favorite pastime, and want to spend less time and money as possible, the bare minimum, a fair price for cleanliness.
  • The Environmentally Conscious, who may have the heart that balances between the two categories above, but do not lose sight of the need to reduce their carbon footprint.

The unanimous consensus is that Le Savonnier Marseillais olive oil liquid soft soap after every use and for good reason: is effective, environmentally friendly and economical.

For exterior use, dilute liquid soft soap with warm water, The liquid soft soap cleans and polishes the body. Its content of vegetable glycerin gives more shine and longer protection for repelling against dirt.

For interior use, the liquid olive oil soft soap effectively cleans and shines (plastic, wood etc ...) dashboards , leather or fabric seats, carpets and also the windows.

For the Hyper Enthusiasts, who want a polish finish you can conclude by using a soft micro fiber for more brightness.

Children will also be very happy to have their wheeled toys (bikes, scooters) washed and all without any risk to themselves if swallowed because Le Savonnier Marseillais olive oil soft soap is 100% natural (solvent-free and dye) and biodegradable.

Don't procrastinate, Try it today!