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Savon Noir soap and Traditional Marseille soap with olive oil

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Le Savonnier Marseillais>Savon Noir liquid soap

Do you want to purchase this versatile liquid soap that is 100% natural and designed to be used on plants including roses, ornamental plants, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens? The natural soap cleans the honeydew deposited by aphids or white flies and sooty mold (black fungus growing on the honeydew). Our soaps are biodegradable and have no added colorants or solvents. The green color is unique to The Soap Maker of Marseille brand due to its natural composition which is rich in olive oil. The soap is also effective as a detergent or household cleaner ...


Savon noir liquide 1 litre
1 liter Unscented Savon Noir Liquid Soap

The liquid Savon Noir soap is effective on many households washable surfaces. For example, the liquid soap cleans and sanitizes flooring and tile. Cleans and cuts through grease on dishes, pots, and pans, even after deep frying. Olive oil soap - Naturally high in vegetable glycerin

Savon noir liquide naturel 500 ml
0,5 liter olive oil unscented Savon Noir...

Savon Noir with dispenser pump cap: more easy to use, avoids waste. Used on all washable surfaces

Savon noir liquide parfum lavande 500 ml
0,5 liter lavender Savon Noir

0,5 liter all-purpose lavender Savon Noir with essential oils

Savon noir liquide à l'eucalyptus 500 ml
0,5 liter eucalyptus Savon Noir

0,5 liter all-purpose eucalyptus Savon Noir with essential oils